Comfortable Clothing.  Reusable Housewares.  Handmade In Canada.

Hello!  Welcome here! 
I'm Willow. 
I began making clothing to sell, as a way to help fund my semi-nomadic lifestyle in my earlier years.  Eventually I settled down in North Ontario and began working farmers markets and music festivals, largely to find and connect with like minded people. 
This little business has grown slowly.  I have taught myself to make things through trial and error, and stubbornness and determination.  And now, after over a decade, I'm still learning...and excited about it. 
Sewing brings me joy.  And working with recycled and natural materials is one small way I choose to participate in a conversation with people about how we are living in the world.  Are we as consumers making conscious choices about what we buy?  Are we thinking about what things are made of and where they come from?  Are we thinking about why we even buy the things we buy?  
I design clothing that I want to wear.  I make useful household items that can be reused and add a touch of hand made beauty to home.  All this, with a focus on using natural and sustainably grown fibres and a commitment to as little waste as possible.   
Thank you for finding your way here and being a part of this conversation...


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