Linen/Organic Cotton

Linen/Organic Cotton

Composition: 55% Linen, 45% Organic Cotton

Weight: 210 gsm

Width: 142cm

Care: Fabric will shrink slightly with first washing.  Machine wash with like colours, cold water is best.  Tumble dry regular, or hang dry.


A woven organic cotton and linen blend.  I use this fabric for making pants, tea towels, cloth napkins, and re-useable gift bags.  Would also be a great choice for doing any sort of patchwork (for dyed scrap fabric remenants click here: ).  It is both soft and durable, with less drape than 100% linen.   


It can be hard to source natural and organic fabrics.  Especially when you are a home sewist and looking for something simple to get started with and not wanting to make a large investment.  When I started buying new fabrics, I did a lot of research about what fibres I wanted to work with.  I use hemp, organic cotton, and linen.    

All the fabrics for sale here are ones that I use reguarly.  I only offer cuts up to 3 metres as they are intended for smaller home projects.  Undyed fabrics dye beautifully with fibre reactive, or natural dyes.




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