Black Hemp/Organic Cotton Jersey

Black Hemp/Organic Cotton Jersey

Composition: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton

Weight: 190 gsm

Width: 152cm

Fabric is already dyed black (Black fabric is really tricky to photograph.  My sister pointed out that it looks very shiny in the main picture.  It's not in real life.)  

Care: Fabric will shrink slightly with first washing.  Machine wash with like colours, cold water is best.  Tumble dry regular, or hang dry.


I use this fabric for most of my clothing.  The hemp adds a nice weightiness to the fabric, giving it a lovely drape.  Great for dresses, shirts, skirts, as well as any kids clothing.  

For colourfully dyed knit fabric scraps click here.


It can be hard to source natural and organic fabrics.  Especially when you are a home sewist and looking for something simple to get started with and not wanting to make a large investment.  When I started buying new fabrics, I did a lot of research about what fibres I wanted to work with.  I use hemp, organic cotton, and linen.    

All the fabrics for sale here are ones that I use reguarly.  I only offer cuts up to 3 metres as they are intended for smaller home projects.  Undyed fabrics dye beautifully with fibre reactive, or natural dyes.